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Compost Turner #1014, Efficient Reliable Compost Equipment
Jan 3 / 2021

Sittler Compost Windrow Turner Model #1014, shown above, is ideal for large farm, municipal and industrial composting. 

ittler now offers additional protection with Dual Flap Guard TM. The new shield adds dual protection on the tractor side from projectiles. The dual flap guard is now standard for all 512 and 1014 compost turners and can be retrofitted to existing models. The guard is easy to install and requires 2 workers for installation.

Powerful, reliable, efficient, economical, low-maintenance, and long-lasting. Extra-hardened, replaceable steel blades are uniquely positioned on the drum to allow for complete blending right to the base of the windrow. Material from the outside is brought inward and from the bottom to the top forming a peak position, allowing the windrow to have a chimney effect for CO2/oxygen flow.

The NEW Sittler 1014 windrow turner is designed for high volume compost operations. With a heavy-duty rotor drive shaft, larger rotor, and wider, sturdier drum blades this rugged machine offers a capacity of up to 2700 cubic yards/hour, turning 45 cubic yards per minute. The hydraulically operated outside drive wheel can be raised and lowered as required to eat through heavy loads. A peaked front with a reinforced steel roof maintains tunnel shape and windrow height capacity.

Unlike competitors the 1014 Sittler compost turner has excellent clean-up behind the drum moving all particles from the outside in and from the bottom to the top. We offer high performance, thorough mixing, incomparable capabilities and efficient, reliable, low-maintenance. The 1014 compost turner comes with standard watering system and remote water shut-off. The new Sittler 1014 compost windrow turner can be shipped on a standard flatbed or high-cube container.

Standard water spray system with galvanized elbows.4 water spray nozzles inside the compost processing area, known as the tunnel, allow for appropriate adjustable moisture to be applied to the compost. For more information on our watering system please go to our Compost turner page.

Special housing encloses the bearings and shaft to protect the mechanisms from dust and debris.

Right hand shield is removable. PTO – right hand end is a shear bolt arrangement with shear bolt protection.

Threading frame on the compost turner allows the operator to raise and lower the compost cover or fleece. The windrow turner has a dry roller which rolls by friction. Compost covers help retain moisture and Nitrogen.

 The Sittler 1014 compost  turner cleans up everything in the compost windrow right down to the bottom. 


Does this thing work? This Sittler compost windrow turner 1014 ate through double rows of aged, wet, round bales. The 1014 windrow turner can be transported locally down side roads or for distance with a flat bed. Technical support, including compost database calculations and consultations for making quality compost available. All machines come with one year warranty.

Compost feedlot manure , compost  dairy manure, compost  broiler manure, compost layer manure with a Sittler compost windrow turner.The ideal solution for manure handling,  composting animal waste, composting bio solids, composting crop residuals, or for  any other organic waste recyclingbio-remediation and landfill diversion. The 1014 Sittler Compost windrow turner is available through Global Repair.


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