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Sittler Compost Bagger, Compost Screener Bagger Combo, Efficient Reliable Compost Equipment
updated Jan 11/2023

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Our durable efficient compost bagger can be easily positioned with a forklift for convenient operation.With a bagging capacity of up to 200 bags/hour, the Sittler Bagger provides a cost efficient production solution for bagging compost, bagging potting soil mixes, bagging minerals, bagging peat or bagging worm castings. The 2 hp motor requires a 220-power source. When using a 20-amp 4-pole generator, the ideal wattage for the Sittler compost bagger is 7200 watts for operating efficiency. The bagger hopper will hold up to 3 cubic yards. A sliding pan at the bottom of the bagger holding the securely clamped bags being filled has adjustable height to accommodate a wide variety of bag sizes for easy access to the bagging chute. Available bagging by weight or volume. Must be pre-calibrated for volume accuracy. Easy to operate. Stitching option are available. All bagging machines come with a one-year warranty.




Compost Screener Bagger Combo

Experience your versatile solution for low cost compost screening and bagging. Conveniently screens and bags finished compost, dry potting soil mixes, worm castings, peat & minerals, in one combined easy operation. Screens out unwanted inorganic material from compost such as plastic utensils, wine corks etc and bags your product ready for market.

Sittler Compost Screener Bagger Combo * Tamis Pour Trommel Sittler/Ensachage Combo

Although stationary, the portable compost screener, bagger and compost conveyor can be easily moved with a forklift. The mobile compost combo is adjustable for equipment position assembly allowing for site friendly variation to suit your needs. The conveyor can be moved to either side of the bagger or screener with ease as required. Continuous feed hopper provides maximum flow-through efficiency. The screen is capable of handling up to 50 cubic yards per hour with bagging potential of up to 200 bags per hour. 1-3 man continuous operation, depending on volume requirements, minimizes labour costs.

Optional screen size of or inch with other sizes available to suit your needs. Ideal for small to medium operations with a great price to match. Full-length brush cleans screen of debris as it rotates.

Collection chute directly under screen feeds the screened material onto the conveyor and up into the bagger hopper. Mechanically driven motorized models are powered by a Kohler gas or electric engine 

This easy to operate, low maintenance, user friendly, screener, bagger and conveyor combo comes with 1 year warranty.

Bag Compost, bag soil mix, bag potting soil, bag peat, bag worm castings, bag lime, bag minerals, with a Sittler compost bagger. The Sittler bagger is the ideal bagging machine for bagging soil amendments. Screen and bag with the Sittler portable screening bagging combo. The Sittler Compost Bagger and the Sittler Compost Screener Bagger Combo  is available through Global Repair.


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Sittler manufacturing has been designing and building machinery for over 35 years. Quality, affordable craftsmanship with innovative design.

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