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CompostexTM Compost Fleece Covers
updated Jan 11/2023

Using Windrow Covers for Better Quality Compost

Compostex TM is an innovative, protective membrane which covers the windrow, retaining heat and humidity and shedding excess rainwater. The breathable Compostex TM fabric allows for proper CO2 and Oxygen respiration.

It promotes faster more uniform aerobic decomposition. The Compostex TM cover is light weight, semi permeable, allowing for ideal aeration and inert to acid and alkaline agents. Open ended buildings may be required for areas with excessive rain.

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Compostex TM Windrow Fleece Covers are designed to improve the quality of your compost. The fleece covers are made from a breathable material which allows for air circulation while protecting your compost. Although the covers are not entirely repellent when placed on a peaked shaped windrow, they will repel excessive water. As microbes are light sensitive, the fleece is designed with UV protection from rays of sunlight. Compostex TM is suitable for static and turned compost.

Sittler turners have a standard (fleece roller) threading frame that allows the operator to raise and lower
the compost fleece cover while the drum turns the windrow. The machine has a dry roller which rolls by friction. Covers help retain moisture, nitrogen, are UV protected and help contain any projectiles in the windrow.

The fleece covers also allow for protection of finished compost stored in fields. When compost is covered with the fleece cover weed seeds and other unwanted debris will not contaminate the finished product.

 Moisture Control
+Sheds Rainwater and Snow Melt
+Reduces Leaching and Nutrient Loss
+Reduces Water Loss from Sun & Wind


Temperature Control
+Improves Heat Retention and Distribution
+Improves Weed Seed & Pathogen Destruction 
+Increases Decomposition Rate
+Improves Consistency of Compost 

The CompostexTM cover is light weight, semi permeable, allowing for ideal aeration
and inert to acid and alkaline agents.  

Available widths 12 ft (3.66m), 15 ft (4.57m), 18 f (5.54m), (24 ft (7.32m), 30 (9.14m), 36 (10.97m), 48 (14.64 m)

CompostexTM is produced as ordered and available in lengths up to 480 ft(150 meters).
Available widths up to 72 (21.96 m) upon request.

CompostexTM Fleece covers are made from Polyproylene and are U.V. Resistant. For more information or to order CompostexTM Compost Fleece Covers, Contact Global Repair Ltd. your Canadian/International Distributor.


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