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Customer Service 
updated Jan 11/2023

Store Hours
Our site is available 24 hours. Office customer hours for telephone enquiries are Mon to Fri  10:00am to 8 pm .EST. Please allow up to 48 hours for all return communication.

Limited Warranty

SITTLER'S Manufacturing warrants each SITTLER Product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, under normal use, for a period of one (1) year from date of delivery to the original purchaser.

Genuine SITTLER replacement parts and components are warranted for 30 days from date of purchase, or the remainder of the original equipment warranty period, whichever is longer.

Under no circumstances will it cover any merchandise or components thereof, which, in the opinion of SITTLER'S Manufacturing or their agent, has been subjected to misuse, unauthorized modifications, alteration, damage or repairs made with parts other than those obtainable through SITTLER'S Manufacturing or their agent.

Obligation under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement at the discretion of SITTLER'S Manufacturing or their agent, free of charge to the original purchaser, any part that in the judgment of SITTLER'S Manufacturing or their approved agent, shall show evidence of such defect, provided further that such part shall be returned within thirty (30) days upon request from date of failure to SITTLER'S Manufacturing , routed through the dealer and distributor from whom the purchase was made, transportation charges prepaid.

This warranty shall not be interpreted to render SITTLER'S Manufacturing or their agent liable for injury or damages of any kind or nature to person or property. This warranty does not extend to the loss of crops, loss because of delay in harvesting, or any expense or loss incurred for labour, substitute machinery, rental or for any other reason.

Except as set forth above: SITTLER'S Manufacturing or their agent shall have no obligation or Liability of any kind on account of any of its equipment and shall not be liable for special or consequential damages. SITTLER'S Manufacturing, make no other warranty, expressed or implied, and, specifically, SITTLER'S Manufacturing , make no other warranty or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

This warranty is subject to any existing conditions of supply which may directly affect our ability to obtain materials or manufacture replacement parts.

SITTLER'S Manufacturing reserves the right to make improvements in design or changes in specifications at any time, without incurring any obligation to owners of units previously sold.

No one is authorized to alter, modify or enlarge this warranty nor the exclusion, limitations and reservations.

Delivery Times
Call or email for lead times on machines and or for shipping schedules and quotes. Soil amendment items for local purchases will be delivered within 10 to 30 days upon receipt of payment. For special or more complex orders, some exceptions may apply.

Return Policy
Sittler offers a one year limited warranty on all compost equipment. All sales are final on all products. Defective educational cds or dvds may be replaced at the discretion of the supplier. Additional shipping may apply.


Our products are normally priced in Canadian dollars. For exchange rates please visit .


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Sittler manufacturing has been designing and building machinery for over 35 years. Quality, affordable craftsmanship with innovative design.

To order, or for more information please email:, or call 1-866-271-0719, 1-416-686-3690,
fax 1-416-686-4220


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