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updated Jan 11/2023

Lawns & Garden Soil Amendments
Soil Amendments for Healthy Soil & Healthy Plants

Advanced Biological Compost TM

Contains rich diversity of microorganisms with balanced ratios conducive for most crop production.

TM compost builds biomass, help lock up toxins, heavy metals, acid rain, pesticide residue in soil rendering them unavailable to the plants. Used successfully for soil remediation and all types of plant growth. The high humus content retains moisture and nutrients slowly releasing them, reducing irrigation or watering needs. Helps to ensure that the moisture is there when the plants require it.

Apply any time, Spring to Fall, 200 LB to 2+ ton per acre, or 20-40 KG per 1,000 sq. Ft. For orchards 5-10 KG per tree, as a base for potting soil 1:3 ratio. Great for compost extracts or teas. Available in 20 kg bags, totes, truckloads. Orders for large quantities must be scheduled pre season.


Rich Valley TM, Natural Soil Amendment
Flower, Vegetable, Garden Soil Amendment Conditioner Compliant
with the ECO-Cert Canadian Organic Standard

All purpose Deluxe Full Spectrum Natural Nutrient Conditioner for all types of Flowers, Roses, Vegetables, Fruit, Herbs, Vines and starter seedlings. Promotes strong root and stem structures, healthy leaf growth, luxurious flowering and fruiting responses. Enhances brilliant colours & fragrance, sweet fruit & vegetables. Rich ValleyTM has natural ingredients that are safe for people, pets and the environment. Helps retain moisture in plants and the soil, improving drought resistance. Softens up compacted soil, creating ideal soil conditions for planting and weeding. Contains rare volcanic, and sedimentary minerals, calcium, rock phosphate and humates, (rock dust) with over 40 micro nutrients. Detoxifies salt damage and other chemical residuals in contaminated soil stabilizing pH levels. Absorbs odours and enhances breakdown in soil.

Easy to use. Apply any time, Spring to Fall, Suggest 20 KG per 1,000 sq. ft. For fruit trees 5-10 KG per tree, as an additive to potting soil 1-20 ratio. For seedlings a sprinkle to 1/2 teaspoon per plant. Available in 20 kg bags, totes and bulk.

Flowers bloom with fragrance with Global Repair Natural Soil Amendments.

Deck boxes are easy maintenance with Rich valley Natural Soil Amendments


  • Luxurious Flowering Responses

  • Brilliant Colours & Fragrance

  • Sweet Fruit & Vegetables

  • Softens Compacted Soil

  • Safe & Easy to Use

  • Cost Effective

These Roses were fed Rich ValleyTM and our AB Compost natural soil amendments.

Butterfly Bush with Eastern Swallowtail Respond to Natural Soil Amendments

  Butterfly Bush with Monarchs

Urban Monarch Enjoys Butterfly Bush


Greenstart TM, Natural Soil Amendment
Lawn,Shrub,Tree Soil Amendment Conditioner, Compliant
with the ECO-Cert Canadian Organic Standard

All purpose Nutrient Soil Amendment Mineral Conditioner for Lawns, Trees, Bushes, Hedges,Shrubs ans Rooftops Gardens. GreenstartTM feeds and thickens roots, stimulating early plant growth, strengthening stem structures, leaf growth and plant immunity. It has natural ingredients that are safe for people, pets and the environment. Softens up compacted soil, creating ideal soil conditions for planting and weeding. Helps retain moisture in plants and the soil, improving drought resistance. Detoxifies salt damage and other chemical residuals in contaminated soil stabilizing pH levels. Contains rare volcanic and sedimentary minerals(rock dust, rock powder), with over 40 micro nutrients including calcium, iron, potassium, and humates. Absorbs odour sand enhances breakdown in soil.

Apply any time, Spring to Fall. Easy to use. Suggest 20 kg per 1,000 sq. ft. For trees 5-10 kg per tree, as an additive to potting soil 1-20 ratio. Minimum order.

dale1a.JPG (61473 bytes)dale5.JPG (68491 bytes)
Before                                                           5 weeks After


Soil Amendment Testimonies
The front yard garden is a great success!!  Weve met so many neighbours and had great food conversations over the fence.  We used the ABC compost and Rich Valley and the veggies tasted great!!  A neighbour loved our garden so much hes going to build one in his yard.  Ill definitely recommend your soil amendments.' Christie


Soil Amendments for Your Vegetable Garden

Vegetable, medicinal herbs and spices, grown with Global Repair soil amendmentss are fragrant, vibrant and colour.

One Black Cherry tomato plant grown in a pot shown above with 2 bamboo stakes for support measured 11 ft high and eight ft wide and produced abundant sweet tomatoes late into fall. The tomatoes have a great shelf life with the last harvest in late fall. Black Cherry Tomatoes shown below.

These Black Cherry tomatoes were very sweet and creamy.

cherrytall.JPG (82745 bytes)
This cherry tomato plant grew over 11.5 feet tall with our nutrients.

tomflo.JPG (14212 bytes)cherrytom.JPG (15963 bytes)tombowl.JPG (13077 bytes)
The flowers kept blossoming right into November. Over 7 LB of juicy, sweet
cherry tomatoes were harvested off 1 plant. Beefsteak tomatoes weighed in over 620 grams each.

Lawn and Garden Care Tips
Plants need a diversity of microbiology and an abundance of trace minerals in soil in order to develop strong root structures and immunity. Our soil amendments contain a diversity of nutrients needed for successful reproduction and growth. These unique soil amendments encourage an establishment of new root structures which stabilize plants. With more nutrient intake, an increase in the production of abundant healthy flowers and fruit occurs. Enriching soil with our soil amendments creates an ideal environment for luscious lawns, fragrant flowers, strong trees and abundant, consistent produce of remarkably superior quality.

1. For lawns apply compost generously after seeding, water generously and rake in. Apply again in fall and following spring. Repeat procedure as required.

2. When seeding lawn try to seed early in the year during a cooler time or early fall and pay particular attention to bare spots with additional seed application. Keep the lawn moist until the grass seed has germinated and filled in.

3.Apply Rich Valley generously to garden areas for flowers, fruit, vegetables or mix with potting soil.  A small sprinkle per seedling or clone is usually enough. 1-3 cups per potted plant. Or mix with compost at a 2-1 ratio compost to mineral and apply.


4. Spread ABCTM compost, approximately 20 kg. per 100 square feet. When spreading the compost, apply more to level any low spots.

5. Keep garden plants moist but do not over water. Apply compost tea or extract once every 2 weeks over the summer or as required. Take a handful of compost submerge it in a pail of water and gently squeeze it. The humus colloid and microorganisms disperse in the water and enter the root zone when applied. For tea use appropriate pump with sufficient air flow otherwise your tea may turn anaerobic.

6. Repeat treatment as required.

All of our soil amendments can be used individually or in conjunction with existing programs and applied anytime. For best results we encourage using Advanced Biological Compost TM . Soil amendment minerals can be mixed in with organic matter, added to compost  or applied directly with a spreader or by hand.


To Order Call 1-866-271-0719, 1-416-686-3690 or email for pick up Mon - Fri 9 am -5 pm. by appointment only please.


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