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Water Injection System with Water Wagon
updated Jan 11/2023

Sittler windrow turners come with standard water injection systems, allowing water or inoculants to be injected into the windrow. The systems may be hooked up with a removable tow bar, pulls an 8 ton Sittler Water Wagon or may be connected with an extended hose to a reservoir.

Sittler 1014 and Water Wagon shown above.


Sittler Inoculating Water Wagon

Inoculating Water Wagon
As an additional option for the compost turner Sittler has also developed a specific 2 tank inoculation application system with cone bottoms recommended for easier more efficient cleaning, prevention of bio-films and pathogen contamination. Compost tea, compost extract or other specific microbe solutions or microbe "party food"/biostimulants can be added with the
Sittler compost Inoculating water wagon. Compost extracts may be made directly in the Sittler Compost Inoculating Water Wagon.
Global Repair Sittler Inoculating Water Wagon is ideal for balancing microbe populations in compost and remediation of contaminated compost or soil.

Global Repair Sittler Inoculating Water Wagon now has a detachable hose that disconnects at the base of the inoculating compost water wagon tank for easier cleaning and elimination of bio film buildup.


Compost extract being made in the Sittler Compost Inoculating Water Wagon tank.

Microbes and nutrients can be extracted directly in the inoculating tank and applied to the windrow with the Sittler Compost Water Injection unit that is standard on all of the Sittler turner models. Finished compost that has been evaluated for beneficial microbial presence is placed in a mesh bag, dunked and gently squeezed into the water in the inoculating tank. The bag is gently massaged so the microbes, humic acids and other nutrients are released into the solution. Pumps may also be used.

1014 Water Injection System with Inoculating Wagon Wagon * Système d'injection d'eau et wagon d'eau 1014

The compost needs to be inoculated as the windrow is turned. Compost particles experience maximum exposure during the aeration process with microbes and nutrients being evenly distributed into the windrow. Testing for moisture in the windrow by Dr. Elaine Ingham, founder of SFW, showed consistent readings after inoculation for both moisture and microbial presence.

Model 507 & 509 come with 2, 512 with 3 and the 1014 with 4 water nozzles. The nozzles inject moisture and microbes throughout the windrow powered by a Kohler pump. The water tank valve controls the water flow. The tank is filled by reversing the hoses on the Kohler pump. A hose from the tank attaches to the turner. The water tank on the Sittler Water Wagon hooks up to a removable tow bar attached to the windrow turned

Keeping the moisture level at 50 -55% is essential for microbes in the compost to heat up causing weed seeds to germinate and die and for the elimination of phyto toxins. With the Sittler water injection system liquids are evenly distributed.  An optional remote valve controlling water flow from the tank, may be controlled from the tractor.

Sour piles or contaminated windrows may also be remediated with the Sittler water wagon and injection system.

Sittler 509 water injection system


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