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Global Warming Climate Change Challenge
updated Jan 11/2023

Global RepairTM has developed natural low tech solutions that help resolve common problems such as runoff contamination, erosion, compaction, lack of oxygen in soil, irrigation demands, pathogens, molds, parasites, etc. Our company is dedicated to finding practical, sustainable solutions. We offer the essential keys that emulate nature for cost effective soil remediation and ecological restoration. 

Frogs and other creatures are protected and studied in our forest/wetland research location.

Today’s Agricultural Concerns. An alarming percent of conventional fertilizers and pesticides used enter the aquifers during rainfall. Most pesticides applied have not been tested for long-term effects on humans, produce or the environment.

Organic residuals from liquid and raw manure have undigested proteins which possess detrimental pathogens and toxins. When manure has not been sufficiently composted, it leaches ammonia, nitrates and other anaerobic volatile compounds which contribute to air and water pollution through run-off into the ecosystem.

Many rivers and lakes in North America are accumulating unhealthy residuals from these sources. As a result this form of pollution contributes to devastation of the ecology and global warming.

Solutions. It’s clearly evident when we examine geological history that the elements give foundational support to soil life and bio-diversity. Minerals act as parent material for soil formation. When microorganisms interact they create a  bio-diversity that acts as nature’s immune system. Trace elements, amino acids and enzymes contribute an essential role for immunity in plant and animal metabolism.

Global RepairTM  utilizing this natural technology, has promoted microbial diversity in soil through the applications of compost and developed mineral blends from Pre-Cambrian deposits which support and encourage aerobic activity. These elements, when applied with quality compost initiate symbiotic soil processes for growth potential of organisms, root systems, benefial bacteria, arthropods, nematodes and fungi whose survival partially depends on trace elements.

Our Compost Rock FlourTM is specifically designed for compost and beneficial for fast, effective, safe composting. It can be easily added to storage manure piles accumulating to reduce odours and GHG emmissions, stored municipal waste or directly to windrows. Minerals help significantly reduce odors, retain nutrients and maximize use of your recycled waste adding lasting value to your compost. 

The Web of Life. Mineral diversity supports the web of life. Our products stimulate biocatalysts and energizers which interact with the ecosystem. We provide tools to rebuild soil for sustainable food production.
Soil is rejuvenated with microbial diversity through the production and application of quality compost. Minerals and organic matter are consumed by helpful microorganisms, where they are digested, processed and made more available for plants. Helpful fungi and bacteria, required to digest and create structure in a healthy biomass, need minerals and trace elements for their survival. Remineralization applied with quality compost encourages the slow release of nitrogen, beneficial carbon, hormones, polymers, carbohydrates, gasses and water into the soil. This process is pivotal for the web of life according to our observations.


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Sittler manufacturing has been designing and building machinery for over 35 years. Quality, affordable craftsmanship with innovative design.

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